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Facebook Ads

Increase Your Brand Awareness Using Facebook

How We Can Help You

Post Boosting

This is the fastest way of showing your products or services to a large number of Facebookers.

Increase Page Likes

Page likes function as credibility: if people like your business, it’s likely because it offers high-quality products and services.

Website Traffic

We will let your Facebook followers make the click from Facebook to your website. This gives you a better ranking on search engines.

Retargeting Marketing

We will push your ads to people who have already visited your page or website and know something about your brand. This will increase the efficiency of your advertisement.

Let’s work together for your online success

How We Work?


Step 1

If you already have a Facebook Page, add Intek Multimedia as admin on your page. If not, we will create one for you.


Step 2

Give us a summary of the particular products or services you render and for which you want us to promote.

Step 3

We’ll set up your page with educative, informative, entertaining and funny articles or pictures.

Step 4

Now sit back and watch your product or service deliver more revenue to you

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